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We offer recreational and competitive cheerleading teams for all ages and abilities. No matter what type of commitment you are looking for, we have a team for you!  All-Star cheer combines aspects of dance, gymnastics, tumbling and more.  While studying choreography, making long lasting friends and travelling internationally to compete against other cheer teams, athletes develop power physical skills as well as what it means to be a leader, and a member of a team.  Read on for information on this year's tryouts, the team and competition schedules and more!

Team List 

Tiny ROLLING STONES (L1) 6 & Younger

Mini KISS (L1) 8 & Younger

Mini PEARL JAM (L2) 8 & Younger

Youth HEART (L1) 11 & Younger

Youth RUSH (L2) 11 & Younger

Youth NO DOUBT (L3) 11 & Younger

Youth NIRVANA (L4) 11 & Younger

Junior BLUR (L1) 14 & Younger

Junior CLASH (L2) 14 & Younger

Junior PUBLIC ENEMY (L3) 14 & Younger

Junior COLD PLAY (L4) 14 & Younger

Senior POISON (L1) 11-18 years

Senior STING (L2) 11-18 years

Senior GREEN DAY (L3) 11-18 years

Senior RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS (L4) 11-18 years OPEN QUIET RIOT (L4) 14 Yrs & Older

OPEN TWISTED SISTER (L5 all girl) 14 Yrs & Older OPEN GUNs N’ ROSES (L5 coed) 14 Yrs & Older OPEN CINDERELLA (L6 all girl) 14 Yrs & Older OPEN NINE INCH NAILS (L6 coed) 14 Yrs & Older 

Contact us by e-mail if you have questions
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