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A note from Donna Kane:

I am not a cheerleader, but I have an abundance of cheer spirit and often dream in glitter.  I never planned to have children but was blessed with four.  This forced me to prepare, plan, and think about their needs as children and look for avenues and resources to help me fulfill their needs.


I am grateful to live and breathe the cheer world.  It truly gives my children a safe and fun environment for them to learn, grow, succeed, fail and explore in.  I am endlessly proud of our accomplishments within our club, our Academy kids and this community.  Every day I watch a new child experience success, pride and confidence.  


I know as a company we are doing great things and to all our cheerleaders: congratulations!  You have opened the door to great possibilities. 

Office Manager
Maellody Bilton


Academy is so happy to have Maellody as our office manager!  Maellody has a background in dance and finance, and has a passion for health, and fitness.  In the crazy world of cheer, Maellody keeps us grounded, and organized!  She became involved in the Cheer world 3 years ago, when her daughter fell in love with it. Maellody loves the All Star Cheer sport because it has made her daughter a confident , positive leader!  With Maellody's positive and bright personality, she inspires all of us in just the same way!

Head Coach
Jessica Scoates


Coach Jessica is Academy's Head Coach, Choreographer and oversees the All-Star Program.  

Jessica is a certified Level 5 instructor.  She graduated multiple Varsity Universities, and Judges training.

Jessica offers over 8 seasons cheer coaching experience boasting 5 of her teams advancing to SUMMIT World Championships between 2017-2019.      

While Jessica's teams are famous for accumulating multiple 1st and 2nd place wins, connecting and motivating kids to reach their potential is her goal and her reward.  

If Jess is your coach, expect to play with her on sleepovers, team bonding and travel competitions. 

Jess' love for coaching seeps through the walls of Academy and in the eyes and spirits of the children she touches.  



Coach Robert Scianna


Robert has been tumbling since age 6, and his talent was recognized just as early!  On his path to success, Robert has become an NCA Champion, Majors Champion and a World Champion in the Cheerleading Industry. Additionally, as part of his journey from obscurity to notoriety in this industry, Robert has been a featured athlete on the YouTube Docu-Series Cheerleaders on Awesomenesstv!  Academy is proud to feature Robert Scianna as an honorary coach and choreographer for the club.  Thank you for your amazing camps and clinics that helped our athletes reach their full potential! 

Coach Adam Menzies


Coach Adam will be teaching our tumbling and stunting classes this year.  He's the perfect mix of professional and fun! His acrobatic experience ranges from performing on Cirque du Soleil, Cruise Ships and Ellen Degeneres Show.  He is a 3 time World Medalist in Trampoline Gymnastics and he's been coaching for 20 years!  

Coach Tasha Lemyre

Coach Tasha cheered for over 13 years and has coached competitive All-Star and High School Cheer for a combined total of over 7 years.  In 2012 Tasha attended Cheerleading Worlds with her International Open Level 6 team. 

This year her team advanced to the Summit World Championships! She is credentialed to Level 5 and will be coaching our OPEN team again this year.

Coach Trejen Kane


Trejen Kane has been coaching cheer for 4 years at Academy.  Trejen has been cheering for 8 years as an all-star cheerleader.  Twice Trejen has placed in Florida SUMMIT World Cheerleading Championships.

This year Trejen is coaching L1.5 Foo Fighters and L4 Cold Play.

Trejen is a high school student and a level 4 athlete.  

Coach Sarah Dohan


Coach Sarah is certified Level 3 Coach and has been coaching Tumbling, Cheer and Parkour for 3 years now.  She has graduated from Varsity University and will be coaching prep and recreational programs this year.  Returning from Summit World Championships this year, Sarah is ready to get back to cheering and coaching another successful season.



Coach Eric Frame


Coach Eric has years of experience coaching gymnastics and parkour.  He has a strong work ethic and will sweat just as much as the athletes he is coaching.

Coach Savannah Lefebvre
Coach Savannah has been coaching cheer for 2 years and graduated from Varsity University and she is certified in judges training. 
Savannah has also been cheering for the last 4 years and has placed on multiple teams at the Summit World Championships in Florida.  




Mission Academy of Cheer Excellence. All contact subject to change by owner at any time.

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